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Fox duops in Orlando

News Corp. is creating its eighth duoply, this one in Orlando, Florida.

The company's Fox Television Stations unit said Friday that it would trade,
subject to Federal Communications Commission approval, its United Paramount
Network affiliate, KPTV(TV) Portland, Ore., for Meredith's WOFL(TV) Orlando and
WOGX-TV Ocala, Fla., both Fox affiliates.

Fox already owns WRBW(TV) Orlando. The transaction will boost Fox's TV
total to 34 stations.

Fox is trading two for one, it will actually wind up decreasing its audience reach as
measured by the FCC, the company said. KPTV is a VHF while the other two
are UHFs.

Only one-half of UHF channels' audiences counts toward a group owner's total

Fox already has duopolies in New York; Los Angeles;
Dallas; Washington, D.C.; Houston; Minneapolis; and Phoenix.