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Fox continues to back Rivera

Under attack from other media, Fox News Channel continues to stand behind war
correspondent Geraldo Rivera.

Baltimore Sun TV reporter David Folkenflik reported earlier this month that
Rivera had claimed to be reporting from the site of a "friendly fire" incident,
when none could be confirmed there.

When Rivera said he had confused the incident with another at the same spot
in Tora Bora, the Pentagon said the incident at that location happened days
after Rivera's report and no other journalist has reported such an incident at
that site.

Rivera has defended his honesty, and in interviews, he called the criticisms
"absurd" and "Geraldo-bashing." He has offered to put the issue before a panel
of journalists, with his or Folkenflik's job on the line.

FNC has concluded the mistakes to be inadvertent, made during the chaos of
war, and the network has expressed confidence in Rivera's integrity.