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Fox, CNN Most Trusted

Fox News and CNN are more trusted news sources than NPR or the The New York Times, according to a new poll from BBC/Reuters/Media Center.

According to the poll of news consumers in 10 countries, most of the world trusts their media more than the goverment (61% trust the media, while only 52% the goverment).

Not in the U.S., however, where 67% trusted the government compared with 59% who said they trusted the media. The UK government also got higher trust numbers (51% vs. 47%).

National TV got the highest trust numbers of any media on the planet at 82%; followed by newspapers, public radio, and international satellite TV.

Among U.S. respondents, the most trusted national media were Fox News and CNN, with 11% of respondents naming each, unprompted, as most trusted, followed by ABC (4%), NBC (4%), NPR (3%), CBS (3%), Microsoft/MSN (2%), USA Today (2%), New York Times (2%), (1%), Time Magazine (1%), and friends/family (1%).

Blogs got the lowest scores for trust at 25%.

TV was also voted the most 'important' news source (56%), with the Internet getting only 9% of the votes.

More than 10,000 respondents were polled from UK, USA, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, and South Korea..

The results of the BBC/Reuters/Media Center poll, conducted by GlobeScan, was announced at the We Media Global Forum in London Wednesday.

Following is the country break-out for the U.s., taken from the study summary:

The United States

Americans’ most important news sources in a typical week are television (mentioned first by 50%), newspapers (21%), Internet (14%), and radio (10%). Fully 20 percent of American men name the Internet as their most important news source (second only to South Koreans in the survey). Americans (87%) are second only to Germans in preferring to check several sources of news rather than rely on just one — something that is correlated with the use of Internet news sources.
When asked how much they trust different news sources, Americans give the highest trust ratings to local newspaper (81% a lot or some trust), friends and family (76%), national television (75%), national/regional newspapers (74%), and public broadcast radio (73%) and the lowest ratings to blogs (25%), international newspapers (52%), and news web sites on the Internet (55%).

The most trusted specific news sources mentioned without prompting by Americans include FOX News (mentioned by 11%), CNN (11%), ABC (4%), NBC (4%), National Public Radio (3%), CBS (3%), Microsoft/MSN (2%), USA Today (2%), New York Times (2%), (1%), Time Magazine (1%), and friends/family (1%).

Attitudinally, Americans stand out from citizens of the other countries surveyed on a number of dimensions. They are the most critical of the news media’s reporting of all sides of a story; fully 69 percent disagree that the media does this. They are also significantly more inclined to disagree (46%) that the media reports news accurately; and more likely to agree (68%) that the media covers too many ‘bad news’ stories.