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Fox, CBS Sales Nearly Set

Both Fox and CBS are close to completing their negotiations for the upfront ad sales season.

Fox's tally is coming in at $1.6 billion, with a 4%-6% increase in CPM, the cost per thousand viewers.

Two key components could not be learned, whether Fox increased or reduced either the amount of inventory it is selling upfront (83% last year) or the Nielsen rating it's guaranteeing to advertisers. (Analysts were expecting a decrease in the guarantee.)

CBS expects to wrap on Friday. Total volume is expected to hit $2.5 billion-$2.6 billion, driven in part by a 4%-6% increase in CPMs.

The network expects to sell a bit more than 80% of its inventory in the upfront, about the same as last year.

ABC was the first to declare its deals essentially done, saying Tuesday it has ad commitments for $2.7 billion for the upcoming season, with the cost per thousand viewers up 4%-6%. 

ABC is only selling around 75% of its inventory in the upfront, banking that scatter prices will be even higher next fall. Other networks sell typically 80%-85% of their time upfront. --John Eggerton contributed to this report.