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Fox Airs Bush, Kerry Spots

Both Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and President George W. Bush have accepted Fox's offer of free airtime.

The Kerry spots began airing last weekend and the President's first spot aired yesterday in the Astros/Cardinals baseball playoff game.

The two candidates are getting 10, 60-second spots for statements answering 10 agreed-upon questions.

The 10 are:

1.      What are your plans to address the issue of jobs moving overseas?
2.      What steps will you take to provide more access for Americans without health insurance?
3.      What steps need to be taken to increase the security of the U.S. homeland?
4.      What is your plan for winning the war in Iraq?
5.      What steps can be taken to advance the cause of peace in the Middle East?
6.      What is the best way to tackle the issue of illegal immigration?
7.      How do you strike the right balance between protecting civil liberties and increasing security in the U.S.? 8.      What can be done to bring Americans together and decrease partisan divisions?
9.      Are your religious beliefs important in your decision-making?
10.     Is our educational system improving or deteriorating? 

Fox parent News Corp. has made the same offer of network time to the presidential candidates since 1996.