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Formerly Hearst TV Bound, Belo Vet Betasso Lands At Gannett

Angela Betasso, former VP of sales at Belo, was among those landing on the executive team at Gannett following Gannett’s acquisition of Belo, named VP of sales. It was a somewhat surprising turn of events regarding Betasso; in August, she was named VP of sales at Hearst TV, with a start date in early 2014 and sharing station sales oversight with Kathleen Keefe, also VP of sales at Hearst TV. Hearst TV issued a press release welcoming Betasso, but her stint there never came to be.

Through a spokesperson at Gannett, Betasso did not comment on why that appointment did not materialize.

Betasso was VP of sales at Belo since October 2010. She previously was VP of sales at its WFAA Dallas station. Prior to coming to Belo, she was local sales manager at KTXA Dallas.

Gannett acquired Belo, the deal closing late last month.