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Ford Praised by Campaign Legal Center for Pushing Politics on the Airwaves

The late president Gerald Ford, who died at the age of 93 Dec. 26, was being hailed as a steady hand on the tiller after the turbulent seas of Watergate.

But he was also being praised by The Campaign Legal Center for supporting the effort to require broadcasters to provide quantifiable political airtime as a condition of license renewal.

Much like Presidents Clinton and Bush, the elder, teamed on the tsunami relief, Ford teamed with former president Jimmy Carter on the airtime campaign.

"President Ford understood the need to provide better access for candidates to the nation's airwaves so that the American people can be better-informed about their choices," said Campaign Legal Center policy director Meredith McGehee.

"It was that recognition that led President Ford to join with his successor in the White House, President Jimmy Carter, as honorary co-chairs of the Our Democracy Our Airwaves Campaign.

"Their work to further the goal of a better informed electorate through the use of public airwaves has strengthened our democracy.  President Ford and his leadership on this issue so integral to our democracy will be greatly missed."