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Food Throws Another Iron in Fire

Food Network has slated Oct. 7  as the start date on production of 10 episodes of a new series, Iron Chef America, based on the success of several specials that aired last April. The series will premiere in January 2005.

Triage Entertainment, which co-produced the specials, will also co-produce the series.

The show is a spin-off of Food Network's Iron Chef series, a dubbed Japanese (Fuji Television) import that features a cook-off between master chefs from different culinary specialties, with a winner determined by a panel of judges.

In the Japanese version, those judges included actors and a baseball manager. Judges for the American version will be mostly from the print side: Dana Cowin, editor in chief, Food and Wine magazine; Barbara Fairchild, executive editor, Bon Appetit magazine, Jeffery Steingarten food writer for Vogue magazine, Victoria Riccardi, food writer; and Vishakha Desai President of the Asia Society.