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Food Channel Updates Menu

Food Network is adding seven new prime-time series and two new daytime series to its lineup over the next six months. That was the cable nets' message in its pitch to advertisers in New York.

New to the prime time lineup: Recipe For Success (premieres Thursday, April 1, 9:30), "from torts to tarts, a lawyer-turned-baker makes his culinary dreams come true"; BBQ America With Bobby Flay (Wednesday, June 2, 9 p.m.); The Secret Life Of (Tuesday, June 8, 10 p.m.), a history of food; What's Hot, What's Cool (Tuesday, June 8, 10:30), food trends; Party Starters (July 2004), A sort of "Party Eye for the Entertaining-Challenged Guy (or Girl)"; Kitchen Cops (July 2004), feet back and spread that brie as a swat team of experts helps remodel a kitchen; Inside Dish with Rachael Ray (September 2004), a visit to homes and kitchens of A-list celebs.

New for Daytime are back-to-back diet shows: Low Carb and Lovin' It (Sunday, May 9, 12 p.m.); Calorie Commando (Sunday, May 9, 12:30).

The network also said it would produce 90 new specials among its 800 hours of original programming targeted for 2004.

Food plans in April to reshuffle its prime time schedule to air back-to-back half-hour episodes of the same shows.