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Ultimate 'Jeopardy!'

The timing of Jeopardy!'s
Ultimate Tournament of Champions is ideal. The first round began
Feb. 9, shortly after the start of this month's sweeps. The grand finale is
scheduled to run May 23-25, at the height of the next sweeps period. Executive
producer Harry Friedman cooked up the 15-week contest, which brings back 150 of
the show's top-scorers. In May, the top two winners will square off against
Ken Jennings, who raked in a record $2.5 million during 74 straight shows last
year. Until 2003, Jeopardy!contestants were
required to step down from the podium after winning five shows. Jennings was
the first big winner following the abolishment of that rule.

“People have speculated on how some of the past
Jeopardy! players would do against him,”
says host Alex Trebek. “We're answering that question.”

Trump, Carson Fuel Ratings

The Trump wedding and Johnny Carson's death helped boost the ratings
of the top four entertainment newsmagazines in the week ended Jan. 30.
Entertainment Tonight's household rating
was up 4% from the prior week, hitting a season high of 5.9.
Inside Edition pulled a 4.0 rating, also a
season high. The Insider averaged a 2.9 for
the week. Access Hollywood tied its season
high of 2.8. The programs had their best ratings on Monday, when the
newsmagazines provided complete coverage of the Saturday nuptials and
Carson's death on Sunday. Most other syndicated shows were down from the week
ended Jan. 23, when audiences were larger than usual due to the Martin Luther
King holiday.