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Fmr. Secretary of Defense Criticizes Path to 9/11

Former Clinton Secretary of Defense William Cohen has added his voice to those criticizing ABC's drama, Path to 9/11.

Cohen, who is an analyst for CNN, told the cable net Tuesday that he was disappointed in the show, although he said it was well done from a technical standpoint.

Cohen, who was briefly portrayed in the film said that the scenes featuring meetings about operations to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden did not reflect the meetings he had attended. "It is more fiction than fact," he said, adding that he felt that, despite last-minute editing, they did not correct the errors that critics of the show had pointed to, and that, "in all fairness, they should have."

ABC edited some of the scenes, but left others in that critics say never happened. The overall, and powerful, impression was still that Clinton officials had missed opportunities to stop Bin Laden, and by extension, chances to prevent the 9/11 attacks.

The Democratic National Committee was strongly critical of the show, based on pre-screenings, calling it a conservative attempt to rewrite history on the eve of an election.

ABC included a lengthy disclaimer that the story was not a documentary but a drama, that it fictionalized scenes, created dialog, composited characters and compressed timelines.

Cohen argued that, disclaimers notwithstanding, it was problematic to "use real people and put words in their mouths," many of which they didn't say.