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A Flighty TV Story

News regarding neighbor-to-neighbor combat in the war zone of New York co-op apartment living doesn’t often spill beyond the city’s borders. But the saga of Pale Male and Lola vs. 927 Fifth Avenue has spread everywhere—and the eviction of the redtail hawks and their nest from the building’s façade is an all-in-the-TV-family affair. Mary Tyler Moore, who owns an apartment in the building, went public to emotionally denounce the nest’s removal. CNN anchor Paula Zahn’s husband, developer Richard Cohen, runs the co-op board, which put out the order for the birds’ banishment.

As the outcry over the hawks’ sudden homelessness increased last week, one protestor was arrested for harassing Zahn’s family after he allegedly reduced Zahn’s 7-year-old son to tears by screaming, “House of shame! Bring back the nest!” The man arrested is Lincoln Karim, who works as video engineer for APTV. Karim, 43, later signed an order of protection, agreeing to stay at least 1,000 feet away from Zahn and her family.

Despite all the TV overlaps (Moore rushed to the police station out of concern for Karim before learning the reason for his arrest), it looks like Karim won’t be disciplined by APTV, since the incident occurred when he was on his own time.

“He was just exercising his freedom of speech,” says an AP senior executive. Meanwhile, the hawks likely will be exercising their wings over Fifth Avenue soon; the co-op board caved last week and agreed to build a new nest.