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Five Questions for President/Ceo Ed Wilson

What's the next trend in syndication?

I think, if you look back in history, it's probably going to come back to single-topic talk, something like Donahue, especially if you have the right host.

What show from a rival studio would you want to distribute?

Everybody Loves Raymond. I think it's a great sitcom, the cast and the producers are terrific people, as are the production companies and I think it's going to do tremendously well in syndication. I'm definitely biased, I sold the show when I was at CBS (Eyemark).

How has consolidation affected your day-to-day business?

It's probably made it a little bit easier to launch programming if it's the right programming and more difficult to sell if it's not right. Because the decision comes much quicker, because you know after about five or six presentations if you have a show that is going to be launched or not.

What talent or show have you passed on that you wish you could have back?

Most of the stuff these days you don't get a chance to pass on, because they are developed in-house most of the time and it's each studio for itself.

Where will syndication be in 10 years?

I'm not sure any of us know. I certainly hope it's going to be around or I'm going to be out of work.