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Five Questions for President Steve Rosenberg

What is the next trend in syndication?
Every time something comes out, everyone believes it's because it is the genre that makes it work. Everybody just copies everyone else and says, "Well, I want a piece of that." The next genre of shows will be whatever next hit comes out. But I don't believe the business is about genres, it's about good programs. Are game shows a trend because Millionaire
worked? I don't know. Tell that to Twenty-One
and Greed.

Is there a show, currently in syndication, that you wish you could have your hands on to distribute?
I think it might be Seinfeld
because I love it.

How has consolidation affected your daily operations?
Consolidation is a double-edged sword. Although there are fewer doors to enter, you can make one deal and be sold in a whole number of markets. But there are fewer people, so our T & E expenses are down.

Is there a passed-on show or talent that you wish you could have back?
The biggest disappointment I had was that we were working with John Kennedy Jr. on something, and I'm really sorry we didn't see that through. It was one of the biggest disappointments I've had, both on a personal and professional level. It was the idea of doing George
magazine for television.

What will the syndication business be like in 10 years?
It will be different. Every business evolves. The whole television business will change to a great degree in the next 10 years as the TV meets the PC. But it's always about the content. It always is, has been, and will be. Content is king.