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Five Questions for Co-President Frank Kelly

What's the next big trend in syndication?
I think what you are going to be seeing short term is a ton on the reality side on prime time because of the potential strike, and there is going to be a lot of migration from that to syndication. And you'll find immediate cloning in syndication of the ones that make it on the networks. And those that make it with some success but might not have a place on a network schedule, will migrate back to syndication.

What show from a competing syndicator would you want to distribute?
Actually, there is one show I'd want: Live With Regis
. I used to work with him in Los Angeles, so part of it is personal. But that show so clearly fills a niche. It's always been exactly what it is supposed to be, which is a morning coffee-klatch show, and Regis knows that and has never tried to make it anything it isn't.

How has consolidation affected your day-to-day business?
It really hasn't affected us, I can honestly say that. We have gone about our business this year pretty much the way we've gone about our business since we've been doing this.

What talent or show have you passed on that you wish you could have back?
I actually can't think of anything. Most of the stuff that I would really want, for some reason we just didn't get pitched because of some alliance somewhere else, someone had a deal with somebody else. An example of that is The Rosie O'Donnell Show.

Where is syndication in 10 years?
I guess the easy answer is fewer players, tougher business. I think it will be healthy, but I just think it's going to be a lot tougher.