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Fisher TV Revenue Up 61%

Fisher Communications reported fourth quarter total revenue of $57.6 million, a 49% increase over the same quarter the year before. Fisher said the gain was "primarily due to strong political advertising revenue and improvements in other advertising categories."

The company reported net income of $8.3 million in the quarter. 

Fisher's TV net revenue was $46.8 million, a 61% increase over the same quarter a year before. Core advertising revenue was up 9%. Political revenue increased by $14.0 million, to $15.2 million, while retransmission consent revenue increased $569,000 to $3 million.

"We are very pleased with our fourth quarter results, which reflect Fisher's highest quarterly revenue during the past ten years," said Fisher President/CEO Colleen B. Brown. "Our five year track record of ratings and core advertising market share growth confirms that our strategic plan to drive EBITDA growth is working." 

Radio's net revenue increased 17% to $7.1 million.