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Fisher, Backchannelmedia Reach Interactive TV Deal

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Fisher Communications has signed an agreement to deploy Backchannelmedia's clickable TV technology, which allows viewers to click their remotes on icons on the screen to get more information about a product or program.

"We see Backchannelmedia's Clickable Television technology as a game changer for our television stations and advertisers," said Fisher Senior V.P. of Operations Rob Dunlop. "The reach of television will continue delivering information about products and services to a wide audience and build brands, but now goes a step further and delivers a customer to our advertisers."

Fisher owns 13 full-power stations, including KOMO Seattle. The deployment is to start in the next three months.

Backchannel has already signed up the LIN and Gray station groups, and first plugged its technology in at Hearst-Argyle's WCVB Boston last spring for a trial. Participating general managers say the program works, though it remains to be seen what sort of revenue they can derive from it.

Similar to Google's AdSense program, advertisers pay for viewer clicks, with partner stations and Backchannel splitting the revenue.

"We are excited to bring to Fisher's viewers a new way to communicate and share information," said Backchannelmedia Co-CEO/Founder Michael Kokernak. "As a result of the digital transition, technologies like Clickable Television usher in a new era for broadcasting."