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The First (Amendment) Noel

The First Amendment attorneys at communications-law firm Garvey Schubert Barer sent out holiday cards in keeping with a season of Federal Communications Commission indecency crackdowns.

The idea for the card began as an ad for the firm that ran in Making Waves, American Women in Radio and Television's quarterly magazine. "There are some words you can't say on the air," read the copy below a picture of a lit "On Air" sign. "Hire the wrong law firm, and you'll feel like using them all."

That morphed into a holiday card with the same "On Air" image and the message: "There are some words you can't say on the air, but there are some you can...Happy Holidays.

The firm has handled some high-profile indecency cases, including fighting indecency complaints throughout the 80's and 90's leveled at Pacifica and getting the proposed fine against rapper Sarah Jones reversed in February 2003.

The firm helped make its case in the Jones reversal by pointing out that high schools and junior highs were inviting Jones to sing the same song the FCC said was indecent.