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The Fifth Wheel

Universal Worldwide Television

Hoping Cupid's arrow will strike twice, Universal Worldwide Television is firing up the relationship strip TheFifth Wheel
as its follow-up to Blind Date.

The Fifth Wheel
acks four strangers, two girls and two guys, into a limo for a night on the town. With cameras rollingàla Blind Date, the group engages in various ice-breaker activities to get in the mood for love. But any friendly bonds that are formed are threatened when the show introduces a fifth "spoiler" individual, who could be anything from a just another person to a celebrity to an ex of one of the participants. Then, during the course of each half-hour episode, hosted by female comic Aisha Tyler, the singles struggle to pair up, trying to avoid becoming the odd man/ woman out.

" The Fifth Wheel
is from the same producers as Blind Date
[Renegade 83's David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe and Thomas Klein], but the two shows have different dynamics," notes Matt Cooperstein, Universal's senior vice president of domestic syndication. "You're going to want to see them both."

Dan Fillie, the studio's production chief, reveals a key scene in the Fifth Wheel
pilot, to prove how "there will be more twists and turns than we have in Blind Date."

In the pilot, "we introduced a girl who was maybe seven years younger than the two women," Fillie recalls. "Her arrival so distracted the guys that it dramatically affected how the women treated them. We thought there'd be some disruption, but not that

Show: The Fifth Wheel

Studio/Distributor: Renegade 83/Universal Worldwide Television

Clearance: N/A

Barter: 3.5/3.5

Debut: Fall 2001