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Fiber Transmission Outage in Honolulu Interrupts World Series Broadcast

Oceanic Time Warner Cable viewers lost carriage of Thursday's dramatic World Series game on KHON Honolulu for about 23 minutes due to what KHON president/GM Joe McNamara called a fiber failure.

Video of the game was lost around 4:05 local time, reports the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. The game came back via low resolution web video at 4:28, while the signal was back to full strength, including HD, at 4:50.

With a five hour time difference from St. Louis, the site of the game, the transmission error happened well before the Cards' late innings dramatics. Time Warner is the primary cable operator in Honolulu.

KHON ran a crawl on the screen saying: "A fiber transmission outage has resulted in the loss of the World Series feed. KHON2 engineers are working to fix the problem."