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FCC Wraps Stations' Knuckles Over Kids' Rule Violations

The Federal Communications Commission Friday admonished two TV stations for violating its children's TV rules. An admonishment is an official reprimand that goes in a station's file.

WQPX (TV) Scranton, Pa., was scolded for failing to supply electronic-programming-guide publishers with the target age ranges of their educational children's programming, as required by the FCC. The station pointed out that the publishers seldom publish those ranges.

WXIX Newport, Ky., was cited for two violations of the ad limits on children's TV, including one program-length commercial.

While the FCC has been tough on some program-length commercials, particularly Tribune's ill-fated GameBoy E-Reader snafu, it said this appeared to be an isolated incident that warranted only the official black mark (the FCC's Media Bureau put the word in "ADMONISH" in all caps for effect) rather than levying a fine, as it has in some cases.

Both stations volunteered the information as part of their license-renewal applications.