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FCC To Weigh In on Adelphia Breakup

The FCC is scheduled to take up the break-up of bankrupt Adelphia between Comcast and Time Warner at its July 13 meeting.

It is widely expected to approve the deal, though it is also expected to put some programming access conditions on the deal, specifically limits on exclusive regionals sports deals, though with a carve-out for Comcast's regional sports network in Philadelphia.

Elsewhere on the sports programming front, three D.C.-area legislators have asked Martin to condition the merger on requiring Comcast to submit to arbitration its decision not to carry Washington Nationals baseball games on its D.C. area cable systems.

The FCC has been considering the merger for over a year, but lacked a third Republican vote on the five-member commission that might have sped up the process.

Adelphia has also been in protracted bankruptcy proceedings that affected the length of the review.