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FCC Waives DTV Education Requirement for Time Warner Cable and Hawaiian Telecom

The FCC has waived the DTV transition education requirement for Time Warner Cable and Hawaiian Telecom Inc. in Hawaii.

Time Warner and HTI had requested the waiver of the requirement that cable operators and telecommunications carriers educate customers about the transition via bill stuffers through June 30 (the DTV hard date is June 12). That's because Hawaii transitioned to DTV on Jan. 15.

Not only that, but the FCC recently ruled that broadcasters no longer have to continue their DTV education efforts after they have gone all-digital. Hawaii TV stations had also asked for a waiver of the requirement, but the FCC said Thursday that request had been mooted by its decision.

"The digital transition in Hawaii concluded on January 15, 2009," said the FCC. "TWC and HTI engaged in extensive pre-transition consumer education efforts and have continued reaching out to consumers with valuable, targeted, education and information since Hawaii's January 15, 2009 DTV transition. Additional requirements to inform and educate consumers in Hawaii about the digital transition would likely be confusing and are unnecessary. Therefore, given that Hawaii concluded its DTV transition early, TWC's and HTI's consumer education obligations should conclude early as well."