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FCC sets interim policy for EEO filings

Broadcasters will get a 10-day grace period of sorts to comply with new
documentation requirements for their equal-employment-outreach efforts.

New recruiting rules require broadcasters to seek job applicants from diverse
sources and to document outreach programs.

Yearly updates are due on the anniversary of stations' license-renewal dates, but
the State Broadcasters Association has asked that stations be given 10 extra days
beyond the anniversary to comply in order to have sufficient time to collect and
process information.

While the Federal Communications Commission decides whether to approve the
10-day grace period, the agency will put a slight twist on the idea.

For the time being, stations must still file reports on their license
anniversary, but they must account for activities engaged in only through the period
ending 10 days prior.

The reports must be kept in stations' public files and, when stations have
them, posted on Web sites.

Because the interim policy was announced March 31, stations due to report
Tuesday, April 1, will have until April 11 to file EEO reports.