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FCC Renews WUPL TV License

The FCC has renewed the license of Viacom's WUPL(TV) Slidell, La., while also proposing to fine the station $4,000 for a lack of kids TV paperwork.

The station's February application for renewal had been held up while the FCC considered more serious violations.

Before Viacom bought the station in 1997, WUPL had failed to program the minimum three hours of kids shows per week and had violated commercial limits (though, and this was news to this writer, it can be "somewhat" less than three hour per week if the shows "demonstrate a level of commitment to educating and informing children."

That was a moot point, though, since the FCC decided not to consider any violations predating Viacom's purchase, and so did not designate the license for a hearing.

But Viacom did concede it had forgotten to put some kids TV paperwork in the public files since then. The FCC fined it for those violations, saying they were minor and that the station had operated in the public interest since Viacom took over.

Coincidentally, Viacom just his past week went to court to challenge new kids TV rules as unconstitutional.