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FCC Renews More Station Licenses

The FCC Wednesday renewed the licenses of Hearst-Argyle's WXII-TV Winston Salem, N.C., and KHBS-TV Fort Smith, Ark.

Both stations had conceded in their license renewal applications that they had exceeded commercial limits in kids programming in violation of FCC rules. In the case of  WXII, there had been only a single, 15-second overage, attributed to human error.

KHBS-TV had exceeded the limit by 15 seconds on 13 occasions, but explained the overages were the result of the repositioning of a show from an hour kids block to a stand-alone half hour.

The FCC accepted the explanations and renewed the licenses with neither an admonition nor proposed fine.

Two other station licenses were renewed despite record-keeping omissions.

WPCT(TV), Panama City Beach, Fla., owned by Beach TV Properties Inc., got its renewal but was admonished for failing to provide electronic guide publishers with information on its core educational programs (stations must carry at least three hours a week of programs that meet the FCC's standard for educational or informational).

The license of WTIN Ponce, PR, was renewed despite its failure to file records on its kids programming. Such failure was not likely to threaten the license anyway, but licensee Televicentro of Puerto Rico also pointed out that the violations had occurred under a previous owner.

The FCC has proposed fines on some stations and admonished others for kids TV rule violations, but has not denied any license renewals over the issue.