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FCC Proposes More Fines for Kids Rule Violations

The FCC has proposed another $26,000 in fines against TV stations-- in this case two Arkansas outlets owned by Clear Channel-- for what it called "willful and repeated" violations of commercial limits in children's programming and kids TV reporting violations.

The FCC proposed fining KLRT-TV Little Rock, Ark., $14,000 for a number of violations, including airing a Garfield commercial in a TV show containing the character, as well as misplacing and failing to file required documents regarding its children's programming. Garfield was a not allowed because the FCC limits commercials in kids TV shows to 10.5 minutes on weekends and 12.5 minutes during the week. The FCC counts the entire show as a commercial if it contains so-called host selling.

The commission proposed fining Clear Channel's KANS-TV Pine Bluff, Ark. for similar filing lapses, and for  airing a Fruit Loops commercial in 2001 featuring Buzz Lightyear during a Buzz Lightyear show.  

The FCC has proposed fines and official sanctions against a number of stations for kids TV rule violations in the past year.