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FCC Prepares For Video Competition Data Drop

The FCC has officially begun the process of rolling three years' worth of video competition reports into one. That is because it did not release its 2006 report until January 2009, necessitating the effort to play catch-up.

The FCC Wednesday set May 20 and June 20 as the deadlines for comments and reply comments for data collection for 2008. Deadlines for comments and reply comments on data collection for 2009 are July 29 and Aug. 28, respectively.

It also released a separate inquiry into data collection for 2007, moving the deadline for comments to May 20 and June 20, respectively.

The FCC wants the data for 2008 and 2009 to take into account "significant developments" including the impact of the current economy on the ability of broadcasters and multichannel video providers to roll out new programs and services; the impact of the DTV transition on broadcasters' ability to be competitive; shifts in ad share from TV to the Internet; the impact of the rise of telco services FiOS and U-Verse; the impact of the double, triple, and quadruple plays (wired voice, video, data, and wireless); cable's migration of channels from analog to digital.

The commission will be data-collection central over the next year or so at least as it collects information on broadband deployment and minority ownership as well as for the video competition reports.