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FCC OK's WLNE Providence Sale

The FCC has signed off on Citadel Communications' acquisition of WLNE Providence. Citadel agreed to buy WLNE for $5.8 million from Global Broadcasting earlier this year.

"We are thrilled to take ownership," said Philip Lombardo, owner and CEO of Citadel. "We are already in the process of converting the station to high-definition, a $1 million dollar investment. Soon our viewers will be watching a crisp, clear, and vibrant on air product."

The station hopes to be broadcasting in full HD by September.

Chris Tzianabos took over for GM after Steve Doerr's dismissal in April.

"This is a great day for the employees of WLNE-TV/ABC6," Tzianabos stated. "Citadel is here to make a difference in southern New England, investing in the station, its employees and most importantly the community we serve."