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FCC Hammers KPNZ over Missing Reports

The Federal Communications Commission has proposed fining KPNZ Ogden, Utah, $20,000 for what it called "willful an repeated violations" of its children's TV and other reporting requirements. 

The commission requires stations to post various documents in their public files, including compliance with advertising limits and the age ranges of their educational and informational kids programming, as well as a list of the issues of public importance it had covered. 

It has been consistently proposing fines or official reprimands for station reporting and violations of kids-ad limits. 

When KPNZ applied for a renewal of its license back in June 2006, the station volunteered that it had not filed its issues list for 24 quarters, essentially its entire license term. It also disclosed that it had failed to report on its ad-limit compliance for more than a year between 2003 and 2005, and that many of the filings it had made on kids-TV issues had been done after the deadline for placement in the public file. 

The station claimed it filed the issues reports but that they had been lost or destroyed. It said it had taken steps to make sure that and other reporting violations were not repeated. 

The FCC's Media Bureau staffers were not appeased given the "nature and extent" of the violations.