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FCC to Get Diversity Earful

The Federal Communications Commission's advisory committee on diversity will present interim reports June 14 on what "guidelines, incentives or regulations," if any, are needed to promote diverse ownership and get more minorities and women into management positions in the industry.

The full committee report is not expected until September 2005.The four subcommittees weighing in are New Technologies, Fiancial Issues, Career Advancement, and Transactional Transparency (that last category is essentially ways to insure that information about potential media investments is circulated rather than confined to back-room deals).

The committee, formed by FCC Chairman Michael Powell in summer 2003, was in part an attempt to separate the diversity issues from the structural media deregulation the FCC approved as part of its congressionally mandated biennial (now quadrennial) reg review. Powell similarly created a localism task force to deal with those issues.

The "deregs" were stayed by the court anyway pending a decision on a legal challenge.