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FCC freezes license applications

As expected, the Federal Communications Commission Friday temporarily froze
commercial-station license-transfer applications.

The freeze -- which was triggered by the federal court stay of new FCC
ownership rules -- is "effective immediately and until further notice."

It applies to forms 301 (facility modifications), 314 (assignments of permits
and licenses) and 315 (transfer of control).

Pro forma transfers (form 316, which covers such things as name changes,
inserting subsidiaries and reorganizations that do not substantively transfer
control) will continue to be processed.

Transfers of noncommercial stations, which weren’t affected by the new rules,
will continue apace.

How long is "until further notice?"

"We’re trying to move as quickly as we can," Audio Division chief Peter
Doyle said. "We have some difficult issues to resolve, but our goal is sooner than