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FCC Fines Toys “R” Us, Value City

The Federal Communications Commission proposed fining two retailers almost $500,000 combined for failing to label their analog-only TVs.

Stores are required by the FCC to label any such sets to warn customers that they will not work, at least for receiving full-power TV stations, without being hooked up to cable or a converter box.

The FCC Monday proposed fining Toys “R” Us $248,000 and Value City $216,000 for "willfully and repeatedly" violating the labeling requirement.

Stores are not longer allowed to import or ship sets without digital-TV tuners, but they can still sell inventory off the shelf so long as they let buyers know what they are -- and aren't -- getting.

Value City received two previous warning for failing to label. The labels must be in large-enough type to be visible and placed in proximity to the sets.

Toys “R” Us was given eight warnings, according to the FCC.