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FCC Fines More Stations For Kids TV Violations

The FCC has proposed another $36,000 in fines against TV stations for violations of kids TV rules.

The biggest fine is $20,000 against Media General's WRBL(TV) Columbus, Ga., for willful and repeated violations of rules requiring it to file reports on compliance with kids TV ad limits, for its failure to publicize the existence of its kids TV programming reports, and for not reporting its FCC-friendly kids programming to program guide publishers.

Hit with lesser fines were Nexstar's WQRF-TV Rockford, Ill., and KTVK(TV) Phoenix.

WQRF faces a $10,000 fine for not publicizing its children's progamming reports, while KTVK's wallet could be $6,000 lighter for failing to publish similar reports. Tee FCC takes into account various factors including how long the reports were not published, ability to pay and past actions.

All the stations volunteered the violations as part of their license renewal applications and all said they were remedying the omissions and taking steps to prevent any repetitions.

The FCC chose not to fine two Minnesota stations, KSAX Alexandria and KRWF Redwood Falls for three kids show broadcasts in which they exceeded the FCC's ad limits by 90 seconds.

The FCC has been cracking down on kids TV and and reporting requirements.