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FCC to examine EchoStar's two-dish requirement

The Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday that it would investigate whether EchoStar Communications Corp. is violating the "carry one, carry all" law for direct-broadcast satellite providers offering local broadcast
channels by requiring subscribers to buy second receiver dishes to obtain some
of the local lineup.

Beginning Jan. 1, DBS providers were required to offer all of the local
channels in any market where the satellite carriers offered any of the hometown

The National Association of Broadcasters and the Association of Local Television Stations (ALTV) filed an emergency
petition asking the FCC to forbid the practice, which they said violates the
congressional intent to put local stations on equal footing when it comes to DBS
carriage rights.

The FCC said it has not passed judgment on the broadcasters' complaint, but the issues "warrant speedy onsideration." Comments on the complaint
are due Jan. 23; replies Feb. 4.