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FCC doubles Labor Day fun

Broadcast attorneys have the chance to double their billable hours over the
Labor Day weekend.

The Federal Communications Commission Monday extended the permissible page limit on petitions to reconsider
new broadcast rules, which lawyers will be crafting over the holiday to meet a
Thursday, Sept. 4, deadline.

Reconsideration petitions are generally limited to 25 double-spaced pages,
but given the "complex and important" issues, as well as the difficulty of
tackling multiple, interrelated proceedings, the commission agreed to let the
petitions run 50 pages.

An unusually large number is expected from both public advocates and
industry charging that the FCC either went too far or didn't go far enough in
its June 2 relaxation of broadcast-ownership limits.

The changes lifted the national TV-ownership cap to 45% of TV households,
permitted TV duopolies in more markets, removed the ban on local
broadcast/newspaper cross-ownership and reduced the number of stations one owner
can control in some small markets.