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FCC Denies Janet Jackson Appeal

As expected, the FCC has denied CBS' challenge to the commission's $550,000 fine of the CBS stations for broadcasting the 2004 Janet Jackson Super Bowl halftime reveal, rejecting CBS' assertion that the broadcast was not indecent.

CBS' response, essentially, was: "See you in court."

"The Commission affirms its finding that CBS’ violation was willful and declines to reduce the forfeiture imposed upon CBS," the FCC said in a statement. "Finally, the Commission rejects CBS’ argument that the FCC’s indecency framework is unconstitutionally vague and overbroad, both on its face and as applied to the halftime show."

CBS, which has now exhausted the appeals process and can take the decsion to court if it chooses, intimated that course of action in its statement: "CBS has apologized to the American people many times for the inappropriate and unexpected half-time incident during the 2004 Super Bowl," the network said, "and we have taken steps to make certain it will never happen again. But we continue to disagree with the FCC’s finding that the broadcast was legally indecent.

"We will continue to pursue all remedies necessary to affirm our legal rights, and so today’s decision by the FCC is just another step in that process.”