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FCC delays spectrum decision

The spectrum wars may be getting too hot for the Federal Communications

The commission was expected to decide last week whether to delay the June 19
auction of frequencies used for TV channels 52 through 69, but it chose to bide its
time while Congress tried to broker a compromise and industry players threatened

The latest deal, sources said, comes from Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who is
floating a compromise to auction channels 52 through 59 in rural areas now and
urban markets later.

Bidding for channels 60 through 69 would be postponed entirely.

That didn't sit well with Bud Paxson, who owns 19 stations on the
60-through-69 band. "Any attempt to do that would be challenged in court and
create another NextWave-like cloud," he told Broadcasting & Cable,
referring to the bankrupt company that had spectrum seized by the FCC only to
get it back in court.