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FCC delays bidding for another 700-MHz block

As expected, the Federal Communications Commission has delayed the scheduled
Jan. 14 auction of spectrum now used for TV channels 60 through 69.

A new date will be announced in a future public notice, the FCC said.

The delay is the seventh postponement of plans to sell the block of spectrum,
and it follows a decision six weeks ago to delay bidding for another block of
spectrum used for channels 52 through 59.

Both channel groups are located on the 700-megahertz spectrum range and are
slated to be used for new mobile Internet, wireless-communications or
digital-video services.

A small portion of the 52-through-59 block, known as the C and D blocks,
will go on sale Aug. 27.

Prodded by the wireless industry, the FCC has repeatedly delayed the channels
60 through 69 sale. In June, Congress finally removed a statutory deadline
requiring the auction of 700-MHz spectrum by the end of this year.