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FCC Debunks DTV Transition Myths

The FCC put out its "four days and counting" alert Monday to debunk myths about the DTV transition.

It listed seven things that consumers should know about the switch on June 12.

They were: 1) Analog television sets won't be gone after June 12 so long as they install a converter box and have rabbit ears and a loop or bow-tie antenna; 2) Some viewers may have trouble receiving digital channels after June 12 because some stations are changing their coverage area; 3) Converter box coupons will still be available after June 12, and can be ordered up to July 31, "while supplies last"; 4) There will still be free in-home technical assistance and at walk-in centers through the end of June and through July in some areas; 5) Converter boxes will not provide HD programming on an analog TV; 6) The DTV transition won't affect TV sets connected to most pay services, though it adds that satellite customers who get an over-the-air signal via an antenna rather than via satellite may be affected; 7) Viewers do not need a "digital ready" or "HD ready" set to get DTV signals.

The FCC is putting out countdown e-mails each day to provide DTV-transition related updates for the media and public at large.