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FCC Continues Seeking Input on Broadband

The FCC continues to seek input on its national broadband plan, due to Congress Feb. 17, 2009.

On Friday, the commission put out two public notices seeking comment on the use of broadband for smart grid technology and another on teleworking. The FCC wants to know what kind of bandwidth and speed will be required, as well as how home networks will fit into the energy grid, and mobility for teleworking.

The notice on teleworking also wants to know what it would take to have government workers swiftly shift to home work in case of disasters or disease.

The FCC is looking to supplement its series of broadband workshops, filling in information gaps where necesary, according to a spokesperson.

The next workshop--Sept. 9--will focus on consumer issues including shopping, social networking, and healthcare. Panelists will include representatives from Facebook, Yahoo!, Consumers Union and Georgetown University.

An FCC source said to look for many more such notices for comment.