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FCC Continues Probe Of Iraq War Coverage

The FCC Tuesday continues its investigation into imbedded military TV analysts, including seeking information from TV networks.

According to an aide to Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, the FCC's Enforcement Bureau sent letters to 19 former military officers and five TV networks--he did not say which--"concerning allegations that [those] officers received consideration to air favorable views of the Iraq war during their appearances on network shows."

Adelstein is among those who requested the FCC conduct a "thorough investigation" into the allegations. Others pushing for the investigation included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, House Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman John Dingell (D-MI) and Rosa DeLauro (D-CA).

"I'm glad we are looking into these allegations that there was a possible attempt to deceive the American people concerning one of the most controversial issues facing the country today," said Adelstein in a statement Tuesday. "We have an obligation to pursue this investigation, and to conclude it quickly."

 An FCC spokesman confirmed to B&C Monday that the FCC was investigating the charges, but it was not clear how many letters had been sent out and whether they also included networks as well as the analysts.