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FCC to Clarify Online Indecency Form

The Federal Communications Commission has conceded the "possible confusion" created by the online links to its new "streamlined and simplified" online form for filing indecency complaints.

AS B&C reported, The links were somewhat confusing--a link to a "fact sheet" could be mistaken for a link to the complaint process--and the form (475) (at appears to be a telephone complaint form rather than a general form that can include phone or indecency.

An FCC spokeswoman, while not specifically addressing the apparent deficiencies in a general  complaint form filled with telephone-related instructions--said that, in light of the B&C story, the commission is "in the process of changing our website to make clear that Form 475 is the proper form to use for filing an indecency complaint and that the link to the fact sheet is intended for educational purposes only."

Changing the form would be tougher than clarifying the online instructions, since anything that deals with requests for information from the public that could potentially mean more government paperwork must get an OK from the Office of Management and Budget per the 1995 Paperwork Reduction Act.