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FCC Asks For Funding for DTV Education Campaign

The FCC has asked Congress for $1.5 million in its 2008 budget for a DTV education campaign.

The FCC says it plans to produce PSA's, Web material and publications. It also plans to participate in forums and to work with the National Association of Broadcasters and the Association of Public Television Stations to air the PSA's.

The campaign will include expanding its "DTV Deputy" campaign educating kids about the transition by encouraging those kids to educate their parents and caregivers.

The FCC  plans to use the money to distribute the information to low-income and minority consumers and translate the information into Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.

It will coordinate with the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, which has been given $5 million from Congress for a DTV education campaign,  about the DTV-to-analog converter box program NTIA is overseeing.

The FCC budget also includes a "spectrum license user fee" inserted by the administration, that is meant to collect $3.6 million over 10 years. It says it applies to "un-auction spectrum licenses," which would appear to include broadcasters. A more specific broadcaster-targeted fee has been included in the budget for years but has gotten cut every year.