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FCC Announces May 13 Agenda

The FCC has announced its agenda for the May 13 public meeting and it will include a DTV "action plan."

The meeting will be 30 days before the June 12 hard date for pulling the plug on analog TV by the majority of TV stations.

The meeting will not only include a status report on the transition, but what the FCC calls a plan "for helping consumers navigate the end of full-power analog."

Also at the meeting, the FCC will release an order for the porting interval for switching phone numbers between wireline carriers.

The FCC long ago proposed shortening that interval to 48 hours when customers switch from, say, a telco to a cable company's phone service.

The NCTA has come out strongly in favor of that tentative conclusion, saying that "robust competition in the voice market cannot exist unless customers are able to easliy port their numbers," and that unless the FCC lights a fire under them, incumbents have no incentive to port quickly, and conversely have an incentive to delay porting in hopes of discouraging customers from making the switch.