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Fast Track

Moyers, O'Reilly in a Spat

Journalist Bill Moyers, knocked in a column that Fox News
host Bill O'Reilly
wrote for the New York Daily News, punched back in a paid ad in last Wednesday's paper, calling O'Reilly's comments a "vicious personal attack." O'Reilly's Nov. 25 syndicated column accused Moyers of "profiting from taxpayer money" by keeping the proceeds of videotapes of some programs he does for Public Broadcasting Service. Moyers denied it: "Public television rarely funds my work. I raise the money myself, from independent sources, but when it does ... PBS owns all the distribution rights, the proceeds remain with public television and my share is minuscule. Moyers also said O'Reilly's passion is equaled "only by his stubborn, ignorant denial of complexity." O'Reilly responded to the Moyers broadside later on his television show: "All I want from Moyers is some accountability. I have nothing against him personally or journalistically."

News From All Around

Researchers at Erdos & Morgan
found that public- and private-sector leaders gave PBS's Newshour With Jim Lehrer the highest marks among TV news programs for influence, objectivity and credibility, followed by ABC News' Nightline. ABC's and NBC's nightly newscasts had the biggest audiences among those surveyed, with Newshour
not far behind. ...

is switching time periods for its two Drew Carey
vehicles on Friday nights. Whose Line Is It Anyway? will now air at 9 p.m. ET, leading into The Drew Carey Show at 9:30 p.m. They aired in the reverse order previously. ...

Margaret A. "Maggie" Bellville, Cox Communications
veteran cable executive and most recently president of Incanta, the streaming-video company that suspended operations, is the new executive vice president of operations at Charter Communications, where she'll have responsibility for the company's field operations, marketing, programming and customer care.

On the Reality Beat

Reality programming gets a daytime syndication platform with Starting Over, slated to launch next fall and featuring six women who each want to start their lives over in some way. It will be produced by Bunim/Murray Productions
and distributed by NBC Enterprises. The women will come from around the country to live together while they work on achieving their personal goals. Murray/Bunim Productions created and produces MTV's The Real World, Road Rules, Making the Band and Making the Band 2, as well as Fox's Love Cruise: The Maiden Voyage. ...

ABC Family
is ringing wedding bells with reality special The One Real Wedding Special. The two-parter will introduce viewers to five couples looking to tie the knot. ABC Family will spring for a wedding for one lucky couple, selected by viewers by call-in vote à la Fox
's American Idol. The winning pair will get hitched on ABC Family Feb. 16. ...

Another enhanced version of ABC
's hit reality romance The Bachelor is returning to ABC Family
Dec. 29-Jan. 4. ABC Family will re-air the first five episodes sprinkled with insights from the bachelor, Aaron Buerge. After the sixth episode, the cable net is offering one-hour special Women Tell All, with the bachelorettes dishing about the show.


CNBC's Ad Sales will remain a separate unit at NBC. A Dec. 2 article said the cable business channel's sales staff would be folded into the network's sales staff.

In the Nov. 25 article headlined "Radio@AOL: Stations Wanted," Radio@AOL Executive Director Jim Van Huysse's name was spelled incorrectly.