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Family Movie Classics Added to Frndly TV Channel Lineup

Family Movie Classics John Waynes
FMC is joining the Frndly TV lineup (Image credit: Family Movie Classics)

Low priced, family oriented streaming TV provider Frndly TV expanded its relationship with Family Entertainment Television, adding FET’s FMC (Family Movie Classics) to its channel lineup, effective Wednesday.

FMC is the 31st channel available to Frndly TV subscribers, who will continue to pay a base rate of $6.99 per month. 

FET launched FMC in October. In December, the company added a selection of films starring John Wayne to its lineup through a licensing deal. FMC will air a film starring “The Duke” every Friday and Saturday night.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with the launch of FMC, providing Frndly customers the opportunity to enjoy a lineup of award-winning, family-friendly classic movies,” said Family Entertainment Television senior VP, affiliate sales Cara Conte. “This launch is perfectly timed to allow Frndly subscribers a chance to experience our curated selection of titles starring John Wayne.”

Last year Frndly TV topped 500,000 subscribers. The virtual MVPD also added a group of channels from A+E Networks, beefing up its channel lineup.

“We are very pleased to add FMC to our programming offering,” said Michael McKenna, chief programming officer of Frndly TV. “The folks at Family Entertainment Television have been great partners with Frndly TV and we are happy that FMC can join its sister channel FETV in our lineup.” ■