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A Family affair on PBS

PBS has decided to produce 13 new episodes of American Family, which
debuted midseason last year.

Not to be confused with seminal 1973 documentary An American Family,
the Latino-themed drama, originally developed for CBS, features Edward James
Olmos as the head of the Gonzalez family.

Johnson & Johnson has reupped as corporate sponsor for year two of the
show, which will focus on eldest son Conrado (Kurt Caceres), an army doctor
serving in the war in Iraq (also look for Raquel Welch as Aunt Dora).

A new sponsor to the show, and to PBS, is the American Legacy Foundation, the
anti-smoking public-health foundation funded as part of the 1999 tobacco-industry settlement.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting also provided funding for the show, but it was not clear at press time
whether that was through Latino Public Broadcasting, noncommercial TV’s
effort to fund and produce more Latino-themed programming. LPB is chaired by