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Eye to Reopen as Strip

Looking to capitalize on the strong showings of court strips, syndicated freshman weekly Eye for an Eye is converting to a strip for fall 2005.

If the name doesn't sound familiar to regular readers of the syndicating ratings charts, that's because the show has not been buying national ratings. It will start doing so in January, however, to give those carrying it as a weekly an idea of how well it might to as a five-day-a week offering.

The half-hour show, produced by Jerry Bryant (Eye for an Eye Productions) and syndicated by Atlas, is currently cleared in over 70% of the country, according to an Atlas spokeswoman, primarily on a mix of WB, UPN and Fox stations.

Eye for an Eye, which puts the "fear factor" in judgment, features no monetary awards, instead meeting out "Old Testament" justice in the form of smashing car windshields, shaving heads, and chain-sawing big-screen TV's.

The show has some stations locked up, but is awaiting word on a group deal before announcing a fall 2005 clearance figure. But is is a go for stripping with or without the group, said the spokeswoman.

The show was conceived by Bryant--who produces ads for commercial injury lawyers--after he himself went to small-claims court following a fender bender. He decided that given the time and trouble, the monetary result was not half so satisfying as ramming the other guy's car would have been.

A syndicated pilot idea was born.