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There probably are other Web sites with funny privacy statements, but the only one we know about at the moment belongs to This is the Modern Humorist web site (the "Site").

Are you with us so far?

The policies below are applicable to Modern Humorist and other sites on the World Wide Web portion of the Internet owned and operated by Modern Humorist. It is not applicable to sites not owned or operated by Modern Humorist. They have their own policies, which they ignore. We would never do that.

Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. Not as important as ending world hunger or saving the rainforest, but more important than funding the arts or fixing the leaky faucet in the back bathroom. As part of the operation of and other Modern Humorist sites, we gather certain types of information about Modern Humorist users, and we would like to explain the types of information we gather, what we do with it and how to correct or change the information. This may take a while. Can we offer you a beverage?